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Over 20 years in various roles within the Motor Trade means we have the skills, knowledge and experience to offer great products with excellent customer service and workmanship, all at a competitive price.

We offer mobile installation of our products for your convenience. We can come to your home or place of work, whichever best suits you.

We cover Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Worcestershire & Gloucestershire.

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Our Services


Thatcham Insurance Approved Trackers

With vehicle theft rates on the rise; vehicle trackers are becoming very necessary. There are different levels of security and GPS tracking services but we can discuss your requirements and make recommendations which suit your needs. We offer Thatcham Approved systems recognised by UK Insurers aswell as Fleet systems for business users too. Our tracking systems can be installed to cars, vans, lorries and motorhomes.

Quartix Fleet Tracking

We are Aurthorised Distributors and Installers of Quartix Fleet Tracking systems. Quartix is an essential tool for effectively managing your fleet. Packages can include live tracking, timesheets, traffic information, mileage logs, route maps, driving style, out of hours, dashboards, geo-fencing, idling times and more and all for an exceptionally low price offering unbelievable value for money. Please contact us to discuss your fleet tracking needs.

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GHOST - II CAN bus Immobiliser


Modern vehicles are packed full of clever technology that makes our lives easier; Remote Central Locking, Push-Button Start and Keyless Entry, for example. Criminals are using these features to their advantage. Sadly, relay theft is becoming VERY common practice now with theives scanning the exterior of properties to relay the car key signal to a receiver of their own, allowing them to access and start your car. The Ghost Immobiliser stops them being able to take your pride and joy, even if they have your keys in their hand! The vehicle will not drive unless a unique code is entered first. This code is a sequence of button presses using buttons already located on your steering wheel/dashboard/door card. In our opinion the best security combo is the Ghost Immobiliser paired with a Thatcham Approved Tracker. Your car won't drive without the Ghost PIN but if your vehicle is lifted onto a low-loader and taken then it can be tracked by you and/or the police.

Dash Cameras

There are many dash cameras on the market which vary in quality and functionality. We have experience of lots of these cameras and have shortlisted those of the best quality and greatest value for money. Installation includes mounting the cameras in optimum locations to give the best footage possible whilst not hindering your view when driving. Cameras are hardwired so unsightly cables will be routed safely and will not be on show.


Reversing Cameras

Reversing cameras really do help in many scenarios. Whether you struggle to turn your head enough to see behind you, are frequently reversing up to a trailer, drive a van or motorhome or just like a rear camera simply to assist when backing up into spaces or a garage, they are a great add-on to any vehicle.

Parking Sensors

An essential parking aid these days. Our sensors are colour-coded to match your vehicle where required so they look integral to the bumpers. They are available in two forms; OEM-Style Flush-Fit which sit flush with the bumper surface or Standard-Fit which sit approximately 2mm proud of the bumper surface. Both types utilise a high quality sounder which mimics the beeps of a factory fitted system. Look closely and you will see our sensors on the front of this Audi Q2.


Heated Seats

A luxury item but once you've had it you will not want to go without it! Heated seats make those cold winter mornings much more bearable and can even help those who suffer with back pain. High quality carbon fibre elements mean they heat up quickly and stand the test of time too.

Lumbar Support

It is surprising to us just how many vehicles do not have this function as standard now. Even some luxury marques are being supplied with all sorts of adjustments but no lumbar. We can install a lumbar support into your seat so there are no unsightly, awkward cushions or pads sliding around. This really is a discreet installation with nothing on show besides a small switch which can adjust the support into the small of your back where vehicle seats often lack the shape/form needed to keep you comfortable.

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Audio and In Car Entertainment

We supply and fit aftermarket radios which bring your vehicle right up-to-date with the latest technology including DAB+ Radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and much more. We can also add CarPlay and Android Auto to many factory-fitted systems to retain that OEM feel and we can also 'activate' these features on compatible VW Group and BMW vehicles too. We're happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations for you. If your radio, sat nav, multi-changer or amplifier have failed then we can help with that too. We can remove your faulty items and re-install them once repaired by highly experienced specialists.

Cruise Control & Speed Limiter

Perfect for those longer trips, especially on the motorway. Making your journey that much easier and more comfortable. Cruise control and speed limiter can help maintain/restrict your speed which will reduce the chances of exceeding limits and incurring fines & points. A great help through average speed camera zones.

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Blind Spot Monitor

Commonly found as a factory fitted feature on many modern high-end cars this system is extremely good in helping to ensure that it is safe to change lane. It can now be installed as a retrofit item to most vehicles and is proving very popular.

Light Commercial Vehicle Upgrades

From flashing orange LED beacons on the front, rear and top of your vehicle to load area LED lighting for better illumination whilst loading and unloading materials into your commercial vehicle. We also fit reverse warning alarms, cameras and much more. Please contact us with your requirements.


And much more...

We carry out lots of other upgrade work too and install many other accessories besides those mentioned above so if you have a requirement for something not listed here then please do contact us.

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What our customers say...

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Audi VW parking sensors reversing camera tracker lumbar support heated seats carplay android stereo

"I enquired about having front parking sensors and a reversing camera to our Q2, and within 4 days Steve came to our home address and fitted them. He provided a first class service from start to finish at a very competitive price. Would highly recommend using Winntech!"

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